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About The Lab

Our laboratory is located within the Simches Research Center at Massachusetts General Hospital, the largest of the Harvard Medical School Hospitals

Our laboratory specializes in work at the interface between basic tumor biology and therapeutic application. We carry out detailed mechanistic studies, informed in part by state-of-the-art analysis of human normal and cancerous tissues. Our work is further enhanced through a network of collaborators at Harvard Medical School and MIT. We also benefit from the extraordinary research and clinical infrastructure of the MGH Cancer Center, providing us the opportunity to move key discoveries into clinical trials for the benefit of patients.
We are located in the MGH Simches Research Center, the physical home for multidisciplinary life science programs of the MGH (Systems Biology, Computational and Integrative Biology, Human Genetics and Molecular Biology). It is an exceptionally vibrant base with Noble Laureates and Lasker Prize winning laboratories, yet is closely connected to the clinical care enterprise of the world’s leading hospital.


MGH, founded in 1812, is the largest of the Harvard academic hospitals and supports the most extensive hospital-based biomedical research program of any hospital in the US. MGH has trained generations of leading basic and clinical researchers in all areas of medicine. The MGH Cancer Center is the largest provider of cancer care in New England, with an extensive portfolio of basic and translational cancer research and clinical trials.


MGH is the largest hospital member of the Harvard Cancer Center (also known as DFHCC), a National Cancer Institute (NCI)-designated comprehensive cancer center and the nation’s largest cancer research center. DFHCC consists of MGH, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital, Children’s Hospital Boston, Harvard School of Public Health, and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. The member institutions of DFHCC treat more than 15,000 new cancer cases annually. DFHCC is the largest recipient of cancer research funding from the NCI of any US cancer center.
Our research is focused on identifying genetic abnormalities in cancer cells, understanding how these changes influence the early development and progression of cancer, and discovering how this biology can inform selection of the best therapy for each patient.